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Want a week of fun, games, songs, craft, gunge & God? Then you will absolutely love our annual holiday club!

During the summer holidays each year, children from Reception to Year 6 can join us for an amazing week of holiday club!

Five action-packed days, making great friends, playing games, doing craft and loads more. 

Its also a time when we love to share what we believe, and give the young people a chance to consider what they believe, ask questions & respond if they choose to. 

Its a week we love to run, and we'd love to see you there!

Keep your eyes on this page for our next holiday club plans!

What happens at Holiday Club?

So much happens in a day at Holiday Club. Our upfront times start off the day, as we all join for some crazy games, action songs, and we introduce our story for the day. We look at a different story from the Bible each day, as we think about what it teaches us about God. We also have some exciting visitors each day, who come to help us warm up & teach us memory verses from the Bible.

At Holiday Club, you'll be put into groups, according to age, and also sorted into one of two teams. Throughout the week, you can earn points for your teams, with a gunging for a losing leader each day!


Games are so much fun, right? And what's better, is that you can earn even more points for your team. From games requiring teamwork, to relays, to our all time favourite water games, there's something for everyone! 



We also love being creative at holiday club. Each day, there is an activity to help us remember the story of the day. Whether that's creating a boat, or trying loads of different prayer stations, the craft activities are great fun & provide a great time to express yourself!

Small Groups

Small groups provide the time to have a conversation. We discuss the day's story and have the time to ask questions. They can be about anything! We love to share what we think. These groups also provide a chance to pray as a group, for each other or for anything else.



We don't want to limit the fun to just children! Come and join us on the Thursday night of Holiday Club for a free BBQ! How great? You can join in with the games, the songs & get a taste of what the children have been up to! We'd love to see you and all your family there!

Want to come along?

Get in touch and we'll let you know details of our next holiday club plans!

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