Youth work at St Philip's is part of youth work across Penn Fields Parish, overseen by our parish
'Youth Missioner & Enabler' (YME) and a team of volunteers. To see the latest update on what is
happening with the youth work, visit the resources page here.

Our vision

Reaching Wider – We aim to connect with young people regardless of their faith through developing

relationships with local schools and developing youth activities in the area. We aim to share the

gospel through words and activities where appropriate in an age and culturally appropriate manner,

and also through our actions.

Reaching Deeper – We aim to encourage young people to learn more about and connect with God

as individuals through prayer, reading the Bible and worship in general. We also aim for them to do

this individually and with support from others, which could involve showing the young people

different ways to do this to help find the ways that work for individual young people to connect with

God and by creating an appropriate environment.

Rooted in Prayer – We aim to encourage the young people and volunteers to develop their prayer

lives as individuals and as a team of volunteers. This includes praying with and for young people, the

volunteer team and the wider community. We aim for this to happen in the form of monthly youth

team prayer meetings, before, during and after sessions and with individuals where appropriate.

What's On?

Our in-church activities focus on the Reaching Deeper element of the vision. Despite this, we welcome any young people who wish to attend any of the groups to explore what we believe in more depth.

For more information, please click here.

Bridge Community focuses on the Reaching Wider element of the vision. While there will be a short part of each session focusing on a faith-based theme the priority is connecting with young people in the community to support them where possible and appropriate.

For more information on these activities, please click here.


Relentless is a church-based network of support for Christian young people, run by youth leaders across Wolverhampton. They run occasional events for the young people around the city and also opportunities to get involved in mission-based action together. For more information about the events they run or other opportunities, contact Joel.


Meet Joel

This is Joel, our Youth Missioner and Enabler. Joel oversees the youth activities across the parish.

If you have any questions about any of the activities or ways that we can support any individual young people you can contact him on 07840 712755 or at