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Sermon Series

Welcome to our sermon series page. Here you can explore some of the recent areas God has led us to explore. Click on an image to access the sermon series videos.
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Presence is a very strong theme in scripture however it is not often explored. In the context of the recent isolations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic it seems even more important than ever that we explore and embrace this theme throughout our lives, and know more fully our God’s presence.

Hence we are studying ‘being present’ in this next sermon series.

Jan - Mar 2023 

Servanthood 1.jpg


Responding to the summer’s sermon series about God’s overwhelming blessing in gratitude? Where does an attitude of gratitude lead us?

It should be to commit ourselves to ‘servant discipleship’ following our Lord, responding to His self-giving love in love ready to serve.

Sept - Dec 2022 


We are embarking on a new series of sermons focusing on Gratitude. It is a theme that runs through the Bible and a practice that radically transforms the hearts of those who express it, in good times and bad. We hope a sermon series on Gratitude may help everyone have a new focus and perspective and will enable them to enjoy the gifts they have received instead of taking them for granted.


May - July 2022 



Walking through Lent with Luke; following the lectionary readings considering some key moments of Jesus life as told by Luke, to encourage us in our discipleship. 

March - April 2022 

Pastoral Principles For Living Well Together

Pastoral Principles.png

Over five sermons we are invited to think about the things which impair relationships. The Pastoral Principles identify six ‘pervading evils’: prejudice, silence, ignorance, fear, hypocrisy and power. These ‘evils’ hinder our personal growth as Christians, hurt other people, and create barriers that stop our churches from growing into Christian communities of welcome and belonging. They are the opposite of the fruit of the Spirit. It is easy to see these ‘evils’ in others; the hard work is to see them within ourselves

January - February 2022 

Welcoming The Kingdom of God Series

Welcoming the Kingsdom of God Thumb.jpg

Our New vision ends ‘So that God’s Kingdom grows’, but what is the Kingdom of God? Jesus embraced the idea and put the Kingdom at the heart of his teaching ministry.

We will seek to understand how the Kingdom is the at the heart of the gospel and all that it means.

We want always to ask what is our part in bringing in this Kingdom as Jesus’ disciples in Wolverhampton.

September - December 2021 

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