Our 'Ministry Areas' are how we organise and maintain the working life of St Philip's. Take a look at what each one does here.


Creating worship that is welcoming & relevant; gathering and encouraging everyone to connect with God.

Worship is so much more than just a Sunday. However, on Sundays, we gather as a family in the presence of God, to meet with Him, and learn from His Word. We aim to enable and equip people to use their God-given gifts to serve Him in many ways during services and have a growing team of preachers & service leaders, giving a rich variety of ministry. Praying together is a key part of our worship, as is an opportunity to receive Holy Communion.

Coordinator: Peter Smith


Underpinning mission and ministry in prayer and opening opportunities to the local community for prayer.

We believe our Christian lives both as gathered church and scattered family should be rooted in prayer. We have a passion for seeing God transform lives through and believe it’s a privilege to be part of this. We provide a variety of ways to encourage and enable the prayer life of our church family, including:

  • Morning and evening opportunities to gather and pray together during the week

  • Sunday prayer ministry during and after services

  • Monthly prayer diary

  • Church members leading intercessions

  • Training opportunities to equip people in prayer ministry

  • Half nights of prayer

  • Hosting and celebrating the Women’s World Day of Prayer annually

Coordinator: Sharon Smith


Enabling meaningful encounters with God through music-based worship.

We are blessed with a large and gifted team of musicians and singers who are committed to ensuring the musical worship of the church is of a high-quality, and relevant to us today. Whether organists or band members (singers, pianists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, cajon-ers, trumpeters, clarinettists and the rest…), we know the difference sung worship makes in our relationship with God, and want you to as well. We are also ably supported by a dedicated technical team, who run the sound and visuals.

Coordinator: Steve & Karen Lee

Pastoral Care

The whole church caring for and servicing the local community, supported by cell groups and lay ministers.

The area of pastoral care is huge, covering a variety of issues, and is the responsibility of all members of our church family to care for each other. In order to have structures in place and “go to” people to ensure nothing is missed, we have a developing team of all ages ensuring our pastoral care functions effectively. Our cell groups, are a key way in which a support and care network is provided. A prayer chain is in operation so that specific and urgent pastoral needs are communicated and supported in prayer. We also offer pastoral visits to support people in an informal way.

Coordinator: Viv Skidmore

World Mission

Giving time and resources to support the preaching of the gospel and administering God’s grace across the world.

We believe it is right as the church to practice giving by supporting various missions and ministries around the world. To find out who we are currently supporting, click here.

Training & Personal Development

Enabling all members of our church family to discover and use their gifts and find their calling.

We aim to offer a wide variety of opportunities and programmes so that people may grow as disciples and God’s servants, such as:

  • Cell groups

  • Sunday sermon series

  • Growing Leaders (CPAS course)

  • Freedom in Christ course

  • Alpha course

Coordinator: Peter Smith

Fabric & Finance

Providing quality resources and buildings to meet the needs of the community and a growing,

mission-focused church.

We are the practically-minded who enjoy serving God maintaining, mending and managing our buildings, resources and finances. Currently, we are involved in the planning and execution of a building project, which seeks to make the building even more fit for purpose, to serve our community.


      Fabric: David Berridge

      Finance: Catherine Duke


Engaging children, encouraging them to know Jesus and to grow in their love of Him as Saviour and friend.

Find out more about what we offer for children here.

Coordinator: Julie Lewis


Discipling and supporting young people in their relationship with God, enabling them to fulfil their mission in life and reach their God-given potential.

Find out more about what we offer for youth here.

Coordinator: Joel Kinghorn

St Philips Church, Church Road, Wolverhampton, WV3 7EN | office@pennfieldsparish.co.uk


We are part of the Church of England | Registered Charity 1134824

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