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Join us for food, entertainment & 30 minutes with Jesus in the middle of a busy week.


A thirty minute service open for all, at 11am every Wednesday. Come and meet with Jesus, worship Him with hymns, and reflect on His Word.

The Hub

Join us at the Hub Café every Wednesday after Oasis. Every other week, our superb volunteers put on a light lunch so we can all eat together.

The Hub

Once every fortnight, we love to share a light lunch with our community. Anyone who can come is more than welcome.


The Hub is a great place to create friendships with people who will listen, and who care (and who will feed you!)

We love the Hub because it enriches our lives, and those who join us, as our varied program of activities provides entertainment for all.

A committed team of men and women who feel called to work within the community make this possible, and we are so thankful for them!

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