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Bridge COmmunity

The Bridge Community Team aim to engage with young people in the community regardless of faith in order to support the young people in appropriate ways and to enable them to explore faith-based themes and perspectives where appropriate and how they link to life. 













Bridge Youth – School Years 7-13 (first session 22nd September)

Looking for somewhere to chill with friends and play some games? Come down to St Philip’s Church
to do so and to challenge some of the leaders, with some refreshments provided during the session.
We also spend a short time mid-way through the session exploring a faith-based theme in an active
and engaging way.

We meet at St Philip’s Church between 7:30-9pm on Wednesday evenings in the hall downstairs.

Holiday Sessions

We will look to run some sessions during the school holidays. Watch this space for more information
or keep up to date via our Facebook page.

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